Proper Protection for your Tesla with invisible Protection Film. Top quality durable PPF from leading manufacturers. 7-10 yr warranty depending on film choice.
Our paint protection film wraps for Tesla’s are custom designed in-house for maximum protection with computer cut patterns for seamless factory look. It’s hard to even tell if your car has PPF installed.
We can custom design frontal protection and happily create the perfect level of protection for your needs. 

Our Professional PPF install bay is one of the best in Australia. Our team of experienced PPF installers not only provide a world class service but ensure your installation is second to none. 

Tesla’s are renowned for having weak paint that chips easily, we have dialed in our in-house computer cut patterns specific for the tesla model Y and Model 3 to ensure a perfect fit so the paint is protected right to the edge.

Not only is our Tesla full front package excellent value, we also include more protection than the normal packages.  Our full front PPF for teslas include, Wrapped edges bonnet, badge removed and put on top. Full front fenders. Both headlights, B pillars, A pillars. Full front bumper and splitter.

Our Tesla Full front PPF package covers more for less.