Glass & Windscreen coating

Experience a paradigm shift in automotive coatings with the introduction of DQUARTZ, a game-changer that has revolutionized the industry. Now, CarPro brings this technological marvel to your windshield and glass surfaces with the ground breaking DQUARTZ GForce coating!

This state-of-the-art nano diamond technology is meticulously crafted to seamlessly bond with glass, providing unrivalled protection and maintaining crystal-clear visibility for an impressive two years.

GForce integrates the latest DQ technology, featuring synthetic nano diamond particles that offer unparalleled scratch resistance. Not only does this coating rejuvenate the brilliance of your windows, but it also acts as a shield against scratches and dirt, guaranteeing spotless windows.

Come rain or shine, scorching heat or freezing cold, DQUARTZ GForce provides enduring protection for your windows throughout the year. This resilient coating not only maintains the cleanliness of your glass but also significantly elevates driver and passenger safety, providing unparalleled confidence and clarity of vision in any weather conditions.

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