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We use CarPro's World Class ceramic coatings to protect your beloved vehicle.

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Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our ceramic coating customers have to say. We’re proud to be Brisbane’s ceramic protection experts with the most 5-star reviews – with over 500 and counting.

Stolly R. ★★★★★ Awesome job and great company service!! Highly reccomend.Andrew H. ★★★★★ I engaged Scrubs to detail our car getting it ready for sale. I booked a mobile service and Adam spent about 8 hours meticulously cleaning & polishing every nook and cranny, he has done a fantastic job and considering the effort and attention to detail, this was great value for money! It’s a 7 year old car that now looks as good as the day we bought it!Chris O. ★★★★★ Mark was a pleasure to deal with at every juncture. Car looked fantastic after the ceramic coating was applied.Cameron M. ★★★★★ Great service and impressive results, I’ll certainly be coming backfloza112 ★★★★★ John and team are great to deal with, great finish, great price. RecommendedKatrina D. ★★★★★ The Scrubs team did an incredible job detailing my car. The end result was better than I expected, the car looked almost new! All round excellent experience dealing with Scrubs Car Detailing.M S H. ★★★★★ Scrub is just amazing! They did a fantastic job for my car with the pre sales detailing. The staff are the legends!💯 The waiting lounge is very cozy and comes with coffee tea and bonus the wifi. I was truly moved with their hospitality and the work they did for my car. My car is sold without any issues. Cheers to the team Scrub. 💯 recommend for car detailing and cleaning.Sheila S. ★★★★★ I’m so impressed with them as they really clean my car so well! I bought a second hand car with lots of hair dogs in it but the result is squeaky clean! Job well done to Adam I really appreciated his patience.Kristy P ★★★★★ These guys were excellent. They managed to fit in a half-day detail for my car to get it ready for sale in a prompt manner. The cleaning was perfect, and my car looks like it just came off the showroom floor.Sethric X ★★★★★ Excellent work. Car was quite dirty, and they made it seem brand new again.js_loader

Benefits of professional ceramic paint protection

World class paint protection from CarPro will create a ‘wet look’ for your car’s paint job that lasts years, providing you years of exceptional gloss and easier maintenance. A premium-quality ceramic paint protection is a true ceramic coating by a leading global manufacturer that look better and outlast any dealership offering. Its a win-win when our protection is actually cheaper too!  

Ceramic Coating Packages

Scrubs offers a range of options for ceramic coating paint protection.

Cquartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating

From $920 $720

  • Budget friendly entry point into CarPro’s CQuartz ceramic coatings
  • Great way to dip your toe into world class ceramic paint protection.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of a DIY install, let the professionals handle it.
  • Not as durable as the professional range of Cquartz coatings.

Easter Deal – Save $200

Great Used Car Ceramic Packages

CarPro Professional Ceramic Coating

From $1200 $900

  • Professional Level Ceramic, Detailer only certified.
  • Increased durability and gloss.
  • Enhanced formula over 7 yrs development.
  • Top performer and superb value
  • Tested durability we have applied for over 8 yrs

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

2x Better than dealership

Cquartz Finest Reserve

From $1400 $1100

  • The Flagship CarPro coating with complex Hybrid formula
  • Best in class ceramic with extreme durability and gloss
  • High density and anti-abrasive
  • Resistant to water spots, acids, solvents, oils, dirt, UV.
  • Reserved for only the best installers.

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

3x Better than dealership

DQuartz Ceramic Coating

From $1800 $1500

3 days

  • First of its kind – True scratch resistance
  • Multi layered Dquartz + Cquartz Pro (not 2 layers of same coating)
  • The Best Ceramic protection to-date
  • Extremely high-gloss & dense hard coat for durability.

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

4x Better than dealership

Quality ceramic coating that will protect your car

Abrasion and weathering

Waxes and sealants offer no resistance to ‘swirls’. Anytime you wash, dry or touch your paint there is a potential to scratch the surface. These swirls (small scratches) refract light, causing a dulled appearance to your car exterior over time.The professional-grade paint protection we use has been proven to assist in resisting these fine swirls. It’s important to continue taking care, as no coating can be fully swirl proof - but the added resistance goes a long way to keeping your paint looking brand new.

Oil and water stains and marks

To keep your vehicle clean, the protective layer needs to release water and dirt. Our professional paint protection products allow water drops to slide away easily.

Bird and bat poop etching

Bird and bat droppings are highly acidic - on par with battery acid - and can cause permanent damage on your car’s paint job in just a couple of hours.
The premium quality ceramic paint protection product that we have features a thick layer of protection between this acid and your paint, removing the problem of bug etchings and bird and bat droppings by significantly reducing the impacts.
As the paint protection is resistant to acids, any mark left behind is rare - and when it is left, your paint is still safe and sound beneath the protection coating.

Bug etching

If you’ve driven in Australia at night before, you’ve experienced bugs. What you may not know is that their guts are highly acidic - which can be a huge problem for your car exterior. They can eat through a layer of wax quickly and can etch into your car’s clear coat in just hours, with further exposure to moisture causing further damage to your paint work as those acids wreak havoc on your paint.

World class ceramic protection deserves a world class workshop

Ceramic coatings  need a controlled environment in order for the detailer to get the maximum thickness and effectiveness of the coating. When a ceramic protection job is newly completed, there is a certain amount of time that the vehicle needs to be kept in a really clean environment while it cures.

Very few of people have the perfect garage setup location to be able to provide these conditions, having the service completed in our dedicated  paint protection studio is a huge benefit to you, as it allows you to get the maximum longevity and lifetime value out of your ceramic coating.

Scrubs Car Detailing is the home Brisbane ceramic paint protection for your new car.