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Is your car covered in stubborn white stains that won’t wash off?

Let us professionally remove the mineral build up hassle-free. 

Underground car parks are where you will get calcium stains and mineral stains on your car.

The lime, calcium and minerals drip from pipe work and in between concrete slab expansion joints.

More common on new constructions but also happens on old buildings alike.

The minerals dry on paintwork, glass and trim.

Harder than your paintwork you must carefully remove these minerals otherwise you can cause irreversible damage to your car.

We are the trusted Brisbane detailers for Property management throughout Brisbane as we provide a fast, effective service that is relied upon. 

Our Car mineral removal Service

Discovering your car covered in stubborn white chalky mineral stains is stressful and you might think the paint is ruined.


The fact is that if you use the professionals from the beginning we can not only remove the stains but make your car look better than it did before.


Machine polishing will not remove the minerals caused by leaking pipes in underground car parks. This will cause more damage and result in expensive repairs.


Tried and tested results is why Scrubs car detailing is the preferred choice for mineral and calcium removal from car paint in Brisbane.


It’s the attention to detail that sets us apart, and experience that makes us the first choice of dealerships, property managers and construction companies all over Brisbane.

The result

We use industry best practices to ensure the minerals are removed safely and the car is left better than new with a full machine polish.


Removing minerals from car paintwork is a delicate procedure with the use of strong acids and corrosive chemicals and should not be attempted by inexperienced detailers.

We are Brisbane’s best detailers and have the knowledge and skills to restore your paintwork, glass and trim and re-apply any paint protection you may have had on the car. Skip the step of sending your car back to the dealer or car wash as they will end up at us anyway just with more scratches. 


  • Mobile service available  – saving on transport costs and convenience for affected customers 
  • Efficient service  – convenient for your clients
  • Our highly experienced team, ensures job is done right.
  • A full, high quality car detail is included in the process, customers are thrilled
  • Prevents irreparable (and therefore highly costly) damage that could be caused by incorrect removal processes
  • Proven techniques, quality equipment and products and high-caliber quality standards
  • Reduced hassle by doing it right – saving costly insurance claims and reducing tension with clients or tenants.

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