Interior Protection

Don’t confuse dealer interior ‘protection’ with our premium interior protection.
Firstly we begin thorough interior cleaning – taking over from our curtsey interior clean we use more thorough detailing to remove any dealer sprays or sealants.

✅ Trim Protection
We use a quality ceramic trim interior dressing from CarPro that provides excellent interior protection while maintaining the matte factory finish. No glossy slippery or dust attracting trim sealants. Being water based with no solvents there are no harsh smells to destroy that lovely new car smell.

✅ Leather Protection
Not your average dealer leather “protection”.
Our Satin finish leather protection contained real ceramic for a safe protection of interior leather. Quality non solvent based means its safe to use on all types of leather, including Nappa leather. Non slippy, and keep your leather looking factory without adding any gloss or stickiness.

✅ Fabric Protection
Traditional coatings make fabrics feel stiff and can clog the weave preventing breathability. Our Fabric protection is not solvent based for no odours and safe for all interior types. Prevent liquid spills soaking in, and helps ease of cleaning the fabrics. Top quality fabric protection