Full Front Coverage

Package Overview

  • Full Front Bumper-
  • Full Bonnet -wrapped edges
  • Full Front Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights (Included)

Full Front Coverage Inclusions

10% off Full Front PPF 

Paint Protection Film Preparation:

  • Thorough hand wash,
  • Chemical decontamination-  iron remover, tar, sap and bug chemicals to safety remove from paint without scratching
  • Physical Clay – Quality fine grade clay to remove every last bit of contamination.
  • Light Machine polishing – might be required if added ceramic coating to other parts of paint.
  • If paint it not brand new, we recommend adding stone chips fill ins.
  • If your car has a ceramic coating, we require paint correction to remove before applying PPF.
  • Alcohol prep, thorough cleaning, edge rinsing.
  • Demineralised wash down for dust removal before moving car into our film room.

Supply and apply PPF Full Front

  • Professionally apply PPF Full front.
  • Application in our film room for best install quality.
  • Wheel coatings, and interior protection and more available.

Curing and Inspection

  • Part of our all PPF packages is that we inspect and monitor the install over days
  • Ensures clarity and secure edges.
  • A complimentary car wash at Studio only after 14 days to inspect and check.

Addons for the Full Front PPF package

Studio Only
car getting window tinting in workshop
– High Quality tinting to match our Premium Protection – All shades to match privacy glass for darkest legal – Lifetime warranty – premium ceramic tint.
Studio Only
Wheel ceramic helps repel brake dust, and other contaminants from adhering to the surface – making wheel care and maintenance effortless. Wheel off options available that coat inside the barrel and callipers.
Studio Only
– Trim Protection – Leather Protection – Fabric Protection
Studio Only
Professional Glass Coating that repels water for better visibility
Studio Only
A scrubs team member applying ceramic paint protection to a black vehicle
Add a world class Ceramic Coating. With additional thickness on top of clear coat, ceramic coatings have the ability to both resist and absorb damage that commonly occurs to vehicle paintwork.

Full Front PPF Pricing

10% off Full Front PPF

From $2850 $2590

Interested in Full Front PPF?