Cquartz Finest Reserve


Key Points

CarPro’s Cquartz Finest reserve coating has earned an outstanding reputation for over 5 years, still over delivering on expectations.

The new enhanced formula now offers even better protection, extreme gloss and super durability.

Part of the Professional detailers only range this coating is only available from select detailers that have been assessed to the highest standards.

No other ceramic company takes the as much pride in ensuring only the most experienced detailers are allowed to use and apply cquartz finest reserve

car pro finest reserve

Cquartz Finest Reserve Inclusions

Interior inclusions

Basic interior detailing included  (designed for new or near new cars)

Basic vacuum and wipe down, interior dash, instrument and glass all streak-free.

This is a courtesy clean to ensure car feels nice on pick up.

If your including interior protection options  we perform more thorough pre cleaning stage before the protection is applied.


Finest reserve inclusions

Ceramic Paint Preparation:

  • Thorough hand wash,
  • Chemical decontamination-  iron remover, tar, sap and bug chemicals to safety remove from paint without scratching
  • Physical Clay – Quality fine grade clay to remove every last bit of contamination.
  • Inspection – inspection in our polishing bays to see paint condition and measure paint thickness
  • Machine polishing not included – machine polishing may be required
  • Near new or demo cars. Let us know and can let you know paint prep options.
  • Alcohol prep, thorough cleaning and dust removal before moving car into our dust free coating room.

Supply and apply CQuartz Finest

  • Professionally apply CQuartz Finest reserve to all exterior paintwork, trim, lights
  • Application in our temperature and humidity controlled booth.
  • Coating is cured under infrared lamps
  • Wheel coatings, or interior protection available.

Curing and Inspection

  • Part of our pro-level ceramic packages our cars are IR cured in our contaminate free booth
  • Full inspection of paintwork in our light tunnel to ensure the best results.
  • Complimentary first wash after 7 days after coating – to inspect and ensure the coating is working perfectly (at studio only)


Addons for the Finest Reserve package

Studio Only
car getting window tinting in workshop
Add full Ceramic window tinting for your new car. Darkest legal full ceramic window tint with manufacturer Lifetime warranty
Studio Only
car getting polish in detailing shop
Add used car paint preparation. A Triple stage prep is the best way to prepare a demo or a used car for either ceramic or film paint protection.
Studio Only
CarPro DLUX is a semi-permanent wheel coating from CarPro, which helps repel brake dust, and other contaminants from adhering to the surface – making wheel care and maintenance effortless.
Studio Only
self-cleaning, hydrophobic uv resistant, denim dye colouring resistant resistant to stains and markers preserves leather colour
Studio Only
carpro fabric protection
super hydrophobic, stain resistant fast drying does not affect the tactile qualities of the fabric uv resistant
Studio Only
Extreme glass and windscreen coating the repels rain for increased visibility and resistance to chemicals. Flyby Forte was tested with over 40,000 real time wiper cleaning cycles, is UV stable, highly chemical resistant, and provides resistance to scratches
Studio Only
picture of large dent on car
Repair dents, creases, and hail damage without expense of repainting. Over 20 yrs experience. Expert PDR service Advance Bookings essential at our workshop only. Available for Friday bookings.

Price Guide

End of FY – Save $300 ends 30th June

3x Better than dealership

$1400 $1100
$1450 $1150
large car
From $1500 $1200
x-large car
From $1600 $1300
large car
x-large car

All prices are inclusive of GST.

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