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Our Recent Ceramic Protection Jobs

Here's some recent Protection wraps we completed.

Matte PPF conversion.
Audi S3
Full Front PPF
Tesla Model 3
Full colour wrap, matte PPF on top

The Scrubs Ceramic Coating Difference

Top tier Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

See what some of our wonderful customers have to say.

Chris OwensChris Owens ★★★★★ Mark was a pleasure to deal with at every juncture. Car looked fantastic after the ceramic coating was applied.AJAYEAJAYE ★★★★★ Enormous gratitude to Mark and the exceptional team at Scrubs for their outstanding application of ceramic coatings and window tint on our car. Not only did they surpass the offerings of the dealership in terms of cost and quality, they also exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I've confidently recommended Scrubs Car Detailing to all my friends and family without any hesitation. Kudos to the entire team for their professionalism and top-notch service!DimertriDimertri ★★★★★ Skipped the dealership and took my brand new car to Scrubs. Had it two-staged, ceramic coated, and tinted (and it even cost less than what the ming mole quoted!). The car looks fantastic. The team really put the effort into making the paint look mickey mouse before sealing it. Looks 1000% better than when I picked it up. They even threw in a free interior detail because I'm a grub. Such a convenient location too. 10/10 experience, so glad I took the recommendation from a friend.Nero ZhangNero Zhang ★★★★★ John and his team had done a great job ceramic coated my new car. Communication and everything has been easy and smooth and the result is fantastic. Definitely bring out the new level of shine from the dealership. Thanks guys will definitely come back again.js_loader

Why new car owners are choosing Scrubs Ceramic Protection

Keeps car looking new longer. Avoid costly repainting, Looks great, Lasts ages, Easy to clean and self heals

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Long Lasting Protection

PPF has a warranty period of 7-10 yrs but has a life expectancy of 10-15 yrs. PPF is a long term solution that preserves your new car and keeps it looks new. 

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High Gloss, Easy Maintenance

Adding any ol’ PPF to your car will add a textured orange peel look to your paint. Our top tier brands use the next generation manufacturing process to make the film look better than factory paint and make it easy to clean.  It’s win-win.

Instant Self Healing

We are certifed installers of Immortal PPF, with breathtaking gloss and amazing abilty to instantly heal before your eyes. 

Matte Conversion Capability

Turn your car Matte. All the benefits of protection with added tough looks. We are Matte PPF specialists. 

Ceramic FAQs

Paint protection film, also known as PPF or clear bra is a transparent multilayered urethane film designed to provide the best real world protection from damaging impacts like rock chips, parking lot dings, and scratches. The film provides a 7-10 mil thick barrier and features a self-healing top layer. When installed professionally it will look just like the paint but more glossy. Scrubs car detailing only applies top-tier Paint protection film that has a real world warranty period of 7-10 years. 

PPF offers the best possible protection while still looking great. Ceramic coatings may offer a more seamless appearance but paint protection film protects from physical impacts from stone and rock chips, actual scratches, all while self healing. People that plan on doing touring or lots of highway driving will easily see the benefits of protecting the paint and avoid expensive panel shops repainting. Being a replaceable part means it’s a sacrificial barrier that can be removed and replaced without the issues of trying to match factory paint.

Glad you asked! The premium paint protection film packages installed here at Scrubs car detailing are the best available. We use industry leading films and techniques to achieve the most invisible wrap possible. We can tailor a package to include custom fitting where we bulk wrap panels to get the most seamless finish. Wrapped edges are more time consuming and therefore add to the cost of installation. We can create a package to suit your needs or budget. Our in-house computer cut templates offer a great finish as our films are optically clear, it’s hard to see the edges. Our PPF installers are the industry best and can customise your PPF package, in our consultation.

Most of the current generation protection films offer a 7 to 10 year manufacturer warranty. These warranties cover the customer from product defects such as yellowing, fading, cracking, or bubbling. With good care you can expect a longer life then the warranty period with 10-15yrs not uncommon. The film is a multi layered urethane, and due to its pliable nature, it is not uncommon for lower panels like front bumpers to take some abuse over time. Wear and tear usage is not warrantied, and generally will require a replacement piece of film in 3-5 years or with heavy use. The idea here is to let the film take any damage, thereby maintaining the integrity of your factory paint.

Because modern paint protection films are soft and pliable for their impact absorbing abilities they still need regular cleaning to avoid mineral build up etching. Our top tier films have a factory applied hydrophobic coating to make cleaning and maintenance easier. Over time the top coating will deteriorate before the film’s full life expectancy so applying PPF suitable coatings like CarPro skin can help maintain the water beading and ease of cleaning. It’s still important to clean and maintain the film to ensure that high gloss appearance. Remember that any deeper damage or etching is only in the film and your paint underneath is protected, and the PPF has done its job.

Depending on the film you use, our recommendation will change. Ceramic coatings that are designed specifically for PPF are different chemically then traditional paint ceramic coatings. The chemistry is focused on UVA and UVB blockers to enhance the UV protection. The coatings are made to bond to PPF and not paint and are aimed at providing a different type of protection where PPF generally has weakness. PPF is a thick durable film but can become grippy and susceptible to mineral and bug etchings. Applying a PPF coating like CarPro skin will not only protect from UV it will make the PPF feel slicker and resist dust settling. We can discuss if your chosen PPF will benefit from a top coating.

QLD's largest detailing studio has its perks

car detailing in brisbane

Complimentray detail with all PPF packages

We are a full service detail studio with the abilty to fill in paint chips, correct paint, window tint, interior and exterior protection.

A scrubs team member applying ceramic paint protection to a black vehicle

50% off Ceramic Coatings

When combining PPF and Ceramic we offer discounts of 50% on Paint and PPF coatings. Get a quote today

Scrubs Certified Maintenance Kit

Full car wraps get a certified high quality maintenance kit. Includes, large Big Fella dry towel, quality wash mitt and CarPro car wash.  Perfect kit to get you started.

⚠️ Cheap PPF film & installation costs more money and time in the long run.

As PPF becomes more popular, a number of service providers are offering low-grade film and shoddy installation. Beware of the following:

Just some of the work we have seen...yikes

Expert Brisbane Ceramic Protectors

Ceramic Coating Packages

Scrubs offers a range of Ceramic Packages to suit your needs.

Cquartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating

From $920 $720

  • Budget friendly entry point into CarPro’s CQuartz ceramic coatings
  • Great way to dip your toe into world class ceramic paint protection.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of a DIY install, let the professionals handle it.
  • Not as durable as the professional range of Cquartz coatings.

Easter Deal – Save $200

Great Used Car Ceramic Packages

CarPro Professional Ceramic Coating

From $1200 $900

  • Professional Level Ceramic, Detailer only certified.
  • Increased durability and gloss.
  • Enhanced formula over 7 yrs development.
  • Top performer and superb value
  • Tested durability we have applied for over 8 yrs

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

2x Better than dealership

Cquartz Finest Reserve

From $1400 $1100

  • The Flagship CarPro coating with complex Hybrid formula
  • Best in class ceramic with extreme durability and gloss
  • High density and anti-abrasive
  • Resistant to water spots, acids, solvents, oils, dirt, UV.
  • Reserved for only the best installers.

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

3x Better than dealership

DQuartz Ceramic Coating

From $1800 $1500

3 days

  • First of its kind – True scratch resistance
  • Multi layered Dquartz + Cquartz Pro (not 2 layers of same coating)
  • The Best Ceramic protection to-date
  • Extremely high-gloss & dense hard coat for durability.

Easter Deal – Save $300 ends 30th Apr

4x Better than dealership

Our Ceramic Protection is in high-demand.

Slots booked for April 94%

As Brisbane's leading Ceramic Coating experts, availability is limited so get a quote today.

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