Triple stage Cut and Polish


Key Points

Brisbane’s Premium Cut and Polish service

  • Over 14 yrs of cut and polish experience
  • State-of-the-art facility enables the best results
  • We recommend the best package to maximise value of car
  • Spot polishing to full paint correction services
  • Honest advice and affordable packages for your car
  • From commercial to classics we can restore your paint to the best possible condition.


car getting polish in detailing shop
triple stage polishing package

Triple stage Cut and Polish Inclusions

Interior inclusions

No interior inclusions in Triple stage

You can add  interior detailing if you like, quoted at drop off.

Exterior inclusions

  • The high pressure pre-clean uses commercial grade high pressure water to ensure that your car’s exterior is safely blasted to remove dust, dirt and other loose particles lying on the exterior surface. This pre-clean minimises the chance of those abrasive substances causing scratches in the paintwork further down the track
  • Your wheels will be pre-soaked and cleaned using quality wheel cleaners to remove even the most difficult brake dust, with the arches being blasted and scrubbed where accessible.
  • Tar and sap Removal 
  • Hand wash the car using a Strong car wash solution that removes waxes and sealants. A safe but strong chemical cleanse.
  • Door Jamb degreased and cleaned.
  • Full clay bar treatment to all exterior paintwork to remove built up contamination.
  • Another hand wash with pH neutral shampoo
  • Microfibre towel dry and blow dry.
  • Triple stage machine polishing to all exterior paintwork thats accessible.
  • Our base package is the single stage. If you need a dual or a triple stages correction just click on the add on options when booking. 
  • Door handle entries polished
  • Polish residue buffed off with plush microfibre 

The Presentation

  • Microfibre towel dry and blow dry.
  • Wheels and tires dried and dressed
  • Door jambs wiped and dried.
  • Once dry we apply CarPro Reload spray ceramic sealant to protect the paintwork.
  • Exterior glass wiped Streak-free

Addons for the Triple stage package

Studio Only
ferrari engine bay
Our professional engine bay cleaning service removes unwanted leaves, and built up dirt. Requires authority form returned via email
Mobile + Studio
For those who don’t like the look of our high gloss tyre shine we can provide a matte finish at no extra cost, just add this to your package when booking.
Studio Only
A blue 4x4 raised up and being cleaned with a high pressure hose.
Imagine Brisbane’s premium detailers were avid 4wd beach campers. Custom built 4wd underbody car wash. Salt dissolver, underbody foam cleanse, chassis flush, piping hot 90° high flow pressure washer.
Studio Only
headlight restoration brisbane workshop
Premium headlight restoration involves machine sanding headlight lens and applying polymer to protect. Tried and tested to give best possible results. Workshop only
Studio Only
picture of large dent on car
Repair dents, creases, and hail damage without expense of repainting. Over 20 yrs experience. Expert PDR service Advance Bookings essential at our workshop only. Available for Friday bookings.
Studio Only
A scrubs team member applying ceramic paint protection to a black vehicle
Add a world class Ceramic Coating. With additional thickness on top of clear coat, ceramic coatings have the ability to both resist and absorb damage that commonly occurs to vehicle paintwork.

Price Guide

Submit your quote with the add on’s that interest you for a unique quote with discount options.

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All prices are inclusive of GST.

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