Platinum Detail

Key Points

Platinum detail Overview

Our platinum detail package takes two full business days and gives your car the spotlight it deserves. Meticulous detailing and professional photography will set your car apart, making it jump off the page.

Selling luxury used cars means you need to compete with luxury car dealers that can produce better sale ads than most peoples home garage can compete with.  That’s where Scrubs car detailing gives you the advantage. Not only do you offer superior detailing with over 14 years experience in our premium studio photography will put your car in the best possible light.

Our customers have sold cars on the drive home after pick up by just listing the photos on the Marketplace at pick up. That’s car sold within 1 hr. Just shows that the right photos count.

Platinum Detail Inclusions

Interior inclusions

  • In-depth vacuum of whole car
  • All door trims and interior plastics cleaned and treated. 
  • Your car dash and console cleaned
  • A zero fragrance deodoriser
  • The inside windows 
  • A professional shampoo of interior carpets, fabrics
  • Leather seats properly cleaned and conditioned 
  • The air vents cleaned 
  • An in-depth vacuum of the car interior and the boot, including under the seats, mats and in between seats – we get into every nook and cranny
  • All door trims and A, B, C pillars will be pre-soaked, then scrubbed with a soft bristle brush to ensure a deep and safe cleaning of the interior plastic and cleaning. Our premium cockpit cleaners are tint-safe and won’t cause discolouration. 
  • Your car dash and console will be cleaned, with all instrument panels wiped over and dust removed from the interior 
  • A zero fragrance deodoriser will be applied
  • The cup-holders and ashtray will be cleaned
  • The inside windows will be cleaned to ensure that they are streak-free
  • A professional deep extraction, also known as a “shampoo” of all the fabric seats, both front and back, cabin floors, boot carpet and factory mats, will be carried out. 
  • All of the interior leather is pre-soaked and then scrubbed, using short bristle leather brushes.
  • Automotive Leather Conditioner will be applied to all of the interior leather after cleaning. Our non greasy formula nourishes and leaves a matte finish 
  • The air vents will be thoroughly cleaned and brushed 
  • The car’s instrument console and dash will be expertly detailed with micro brushes
  • To protect all interior plastics, we will use a UV matte factory protection. With 303 aerospace protection and a wipe down to matte finish, dust particles will not be attracted to the car, which is common with gloss sealants

Exterior Inclusions

  • The high pressure pre-clean 
  • A pH neutral hand wash 
  • Hand dried with microfibre towels
  • Wheels thorough cleaned plus arches 
  • Tyre dressing
  • Door and boot Jambs degreased and washed.
  • The exterior glass cleaned.
  • Our engine bay cleaning is an opt-in service inclusion, see full inclusion for details.
  • Bugs and tar will be removed
  • The exterior plastics trim cleaned and dressed.

Key Difference  (decon, clay and polishing accounts for 11hrs)

  • Decontaminate clay bar 
  • Full cut and polish “paint correction” 
  • Paint sealant or high end wax depending on paint type.
  • Full professional sale photos package 2-3 hrs supplied to make your car have the WOW factor.
  • The sale photos are supplied full resolution and can be compressed for online car sale sites.
  • The high pressure pre-clean uses commercial grade high pressure water to ensure that your car’s exterior is safely blasted to remove dust, dirt and other loose particles lying on the exterior surface. This pre-clean minimises the chance of those abrasive substances causing scratches in the paintwork further down the track
  • A pH neutral hand wash is included – using clean, microfibre wash mitts and a two bucket method. This ensure the vehicle’s exterior is thoroughly cleaned
  • We will ensure the car is dried using microfibre towels
  • Your wheels will be pre-soaked and cleaned using wheel cleaners to remove even the most difficult brake dust, with the arches being blasted and scrubbed where accessible 
  • A standard tyre dressing includes a durable high gloss gel. Should you want a more matte finish, please let us know on the day
  • Your door and boot Jambs degreased and washed.
  • The exterior glass will be cleaned to ensure that they are streak-free
  • Our engine bay cleaning is an opt-in service inclusion and will only be completed provided two conditions are met. There needs to be written approval and authorisation must be obtained before we arrive at your location. Engine bay detailing is a zero cost option when it is booked online. Should you book it over the phone, you will need to mention that you would like the engine bay to be done and they will then send you the engine bay cleaning authorisation email
  • The door entries will be hand polished to remove dirt and reduce wear marks around handles
  • Bugs and tar will be removed
  • The exterior plastics will undergo a treatment

Key Difference  (decon, clay and polishing accounts for 11hrs)

  • After the decontaminate wash we fully clay bar the paint work to remove contaminants from paint, leaving a clean surface that is silky smooth, ready for the machine polishing stage
  • The car will then undergo a full cut and polish “paint correction” where we machine polish the entire car 2-4 times, with the time to perform great results. 
  • A world class Sio2 paint sealant is applied once the surface is corrected. This modern sealant is activated with our final polish stage that provides an unrivalled gloss and protection durable for 6 months+.

Add these to your quote.

Studio Only
picture of large dent on car
Repair dents, creases, and hail damage without expense of repainting. Over 20 yrs experience. Expert PDR service Advance Bookings essential at our workshop only. Available for Friday bookings.

Price Guide

Pricing for platinum detail varies, please send quote for individual pricing

from: $1500
from: $1550
large car
from: $1600
x-large car
from: $1650
not available mobile
not available mobile
large car
not available mobile
x-large car
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