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Interior Detail Overview

Our high quality and professional car interior detailing service is in a class of its own. We utilise commercial equipment to achieve results that are a cut above the rest. We are relied on by multiple insurance companies and dozens of commercial contracts so you can trust our full interior detail to bring your car back to life.

Interior Detail Inclusions

Interior Inclusions

  • In-depth vacuum of whole car
  • All door trims and interior plastics cleaned and treated. 
  • Your car dash and console cleaned
  • A zero fragrance deodoriser
  • The inside windows 
  • A professional shampoo of interior carpets, fabrics
  • Leather seats properly cleaned and conditioned 
  • The air vents cleaned 
  • An in-depth vacuum of the car interior and the boot, including under the seats, mats and in between seats – we get into every nook and cranny
  • All door trims and A, B, C pillars will be pre-soaked, then scrubbed with a soft bristle brush to ensure a deep and safe cleaning of the interior plastic and cleaning. Our premium cockpit cleaners are tint-safe and won’t cause discolouration. 
  • Your car dash and console will be cleaned, with all instrument panels wiped over streak-free.
  • A zero fragrance deodoriser will be applied
  • The cup-holders and ashtray will be cleaned
  • The inside windows will be cleaned to ensure that they are streak-free
  • A professional deep extraction, also known as a “shampoo” of all the fabric seats, both front and back, cabin floors, boot carpet and factory mats, will be carried out. Child booster seats can also be completed at an additional cost
  • All of the interior leather is pre-soaked and then scrubbed, using short bristle leather brushes. 
  • Automotive Leather Conditioner will be applied to all of the interior leather after cleaning. Our non greasy formula nourishes and leaves a matte finish.
  • The air vents will be thoroughly cleaned and brushed 
  • The car’s instrument console and dash will be expertly detailed with micro brushes
  • To protect all interior plastics, we will use a UV matte factory protection. With 303 aerospace protectant wiped to matte finish, dust particles will not be attracted to the car, which is common with gloss sealants

No exterior inclusions

If your looking to get the same quality of our standalone interior detail and include exterior check out our all day detail

The all day allows 3-4hr for interior, the Half day detail is not on same level of interior detail due to time constraints.

Add these to your quote.

Studio Only
Complimentary work area. Work-while-you-wait Powered full workstation, Privacy screen, Air conditioned, natural light, sound insulated.
Mobile + Studio
As standard we apply a matte-finish to interior plastics, this mimics the “factory look” and reduces reflection glare. However if you prefer the gloss look add this option and we will apply a high gloss dressing to your interior plastics.
Mobile + Studio
ozone air purifier
We use a commercial ozone generator inside your vehicle to neutralise unpleasant odours such as musk, cigarette smoke, pet odours and air conditioner smells. Ozone actually kills the unpleasant smells and greatly improves interior freshness.

Price Guide

Interior detailing of 7 seat vehicles are shop only service

From $330
From $350
large car
From $370
x-large car
From $390
From $350
From $380
large car
From $400
x-large car
From $420

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