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Car Santising

Our response to Covid-19

**All our details, yes you heard correct all details booked from March 24th onwards will have a complimentary Ozone treatment added to their package . **

Please note this detail is not suitable for cars that have been in contact with known carriers of the virus ( please see the below Full Car Sanitisation Detail), but provides extra peace of mind for our customers and our detailers. We will provide this extra service at no additional expense to our customers.

We have used ozone generators for years as an optional add-on to destroy nasty odours, kill mould spores, and remove air conditioner bacteria. It has proved a very effective tool as the gas can fill the entire car where our normal chemicals could never get to. It leaves no trace and when used in the correct way is safer than traditional chemicals.

{ ADAMSVILLE, Tenn., March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Since ozone has been proven to kill 99.999 percent of pathogens in the air, including SARS Coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1, researchers anticipate that it may be an important tool in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).}
Source: (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ozones-effectiveness-killing-sars-coronavirus-000000776.html)

Full Car Santising package

This package is designed for full sanitasion where a known Covid-19 (coronavirus) carrier has been in the car.

A fully-mobile service that comes to you and performs all work without the need of a tow truck.

We have recently taken possession of the required chemicals that allow us to perform a full car sanitation detail that is safe for us and your car. With recent inquiry for car cleaning for the purpose of sanitizing and killing potential corona (Covid-19) virus particles, we have modified our commercial stolen car recovery detail to take account of the recent viral sanitation demands.

This detail differs from our regular domestic detailing and focuses on exterior and interior sanitization with particular attention to using safe chemicals that don’t damage delicate interior and exterior materials through chlorine bleaching or worse. The fact is we have been performing a similar detail for years to our commercial clients for treatment of cars where sanitation is required, for stolen vehicles.

This package is only available as a complete package and requires exterior and interior cleaning, so we can ensure exterior surfaces such as door handles are disinfected for our protection and yours.

Please note the definition of sanitize vs disinfect, being that the majority of a car interior is what we call a porous or soft material we can not claim nor infer that we can 100% disinfect a car. We do however provide a thorough santise clean that includes not only strong airborne cleaning agents but also a range of effective virucidal solutions that kill germs, mould, bacteria and are effective against viruses including HIV-1 and influenza A pandemic 2009 H1N1( formerly called swine flu).


The use of Ozone gas throughout the car while the aircon is running ensures a saturated clean as its 200-300x stronger than chlorine and fills the whole interior while leaving no physical trace behind apart from the absence of any odours. We use a naturally derived germicidal detergent that is classed as a hospital grade disinfectant while also safe to use without PPE and a hazmat suit.

Delicate instruments and dashboard controls are firstly sprayed with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and then cleaned down with a virucide detergent solution that cleans, and sanitizes without damaging screens, clear polycarbonate plastics and soft touch rubbers that occupy moderns vehicle clusters.

Using Brisbane’s most trusted car detailers’ ensures that you won’t have a damaged car and/or be left with a car that smells like a public swimming pool or a hospital corridor.

For all inquiries and quotes for this type of detail please call us on 1300 151 000 Email info@scrubscardetailing.com.au or fill in the inquiry form below and we will get back to you asap.


Scrubs Size Guide for Car Detailing

Small car

  • Ford and holden ute
  • 2 seat sports cars
  • Hyundai i20
  • Toyota Echo Hatch
  • Ford Ka
  • VW Polo
  • Hilux Single Cab ute tray back

Medium size cars

  • Single cab vans
  • Hyundai iLoad van
  • Ford Focus hatch
  • Hyundai i30
  • VW Golf
  • Dual cab utilities with tray back
  • Holden Cruze sedan
  • Toyota Corolla

Large Cars

  • Ford XR6 sedan
  • Holden Commodore sedan
  • Holden Commodore wagon
  • Dual cab utility with style side
  • Toyota Rav4
  • Honda CRV

Extra Large Car

  • Toyota Prado
  • Toyota Kluger
  • Pajero
  • People movers
  • Crew cab utes/vans
  • Range Rover Discovery