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Mini Detail

1.5 – 3 HRS

An excellent package for bringing a lightly soiled car back to glory. The mini detail includes thorough cleaning of interior and exterior without going to extremes, check out the inclusions below.

Key Points

Excellent clean inside and out

Best package for well care for cars

Professional results that last

What’s included

Exterior Interior
High Pressure Pre Clean: Using commercial grade high pressure water your car exterior is blasted to safely remove dust, dirt and any loose particles. This reduces the chance of those abrasive particles later scratching the paintwork. Thorough Vacuum of cabin + boot, all attempts are made to provide excellent vacuum, Levels seen in the Full interior detail as not possible due to time constraints. If heavily soiled we recommend the pre sale or interior detail.
Ph neutral hand wash, using clean microfiber wash mitts and a two bucket method we thoroughly wash the exterior of the vehicle. Door trims scrubbed clean – Suits cars that aren’t heavily soiled.
Microfiber towel dry. Dash & console cleaned – All instruments panels are wiped over and dust removed. If you think your cars requires a decent freshen up please see our Pre Sale, or interior detail both of which allows enough time to fully detail the cockpit area.
Wheels pre soaked and cleaned with acid free cleaners to remove the most stubborn brake dust. Arches are blasted and scrubbed where possible. Zero fragrance deodorizer.
Tyres dressed – As standard we use high gloss and very durable tyre shine. If you want a more matt finish please advice detailer on the day. Cupholders and ashtray cleaned.
Spray wax applied to paint. This spray wax provides extra gloss and 2-3 week real world protection. It is applied after and wash and is not part of our wash solution AKA wash n wax. Inside windows Streak-free.
Door Jambs wiped clean.
Exterior glass streak-free.

Prices & Sizes

All prices are inclusive of GST and travel to and from your location.

from $150


i.e. Toyota Echo, Hyundai i20

from $180


i.e. Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30

from $200


i.e. Toyota Camry, Wagon

from $230


i.e. Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrol

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Popular Addons

Paint Protection maintenance service
A top up service only for cars that have been coated by us with Cquartz professional paint protection. Zero cost option to any detail package, we use the recommended maintenance products to ensure your coating looks and feel brand new again.
Waterless Wash – zero water option
Want your car detailed but your apartment doesnt allow minimal water use in your carpark? Add This option and we will use a high quality waterless wash techinque to clean the exterior of your car without the use of our normal high pressure water. Your paint will be left shining and protected after we delicatly remove the dirt using a spray and towel techique. Note: Not applicable for heavy solied cars with excess road grime, tar and mud.
Upgrade to a silica sealant
We will professionally apply a durable synthetic silica sealant. This latest technology car protection provides a shiny and silky coating that provides noticable gloss and protection until your next detail. Provides protection for 2-3 months.
Eye Level Paint Correction
Machine polishing the most visible areas of the vehicles paint to improve the appearance without the added expense of full Paint Correction. Includes top of doors, quarter panels, boot lid and bonnet. Ideal for cars with minor scratches or for those trying to maximse car resale without excessive costs. Maximum time of 1hr allowed.


Scrubs Size Guide for Car Detailing

Small car

  • Ford and holden ute
  • 2 seat sports cars
  • Hyundai i20
  • Toyota Echo Hatch
  • Ford Ka
  • VW Polo
  • Hilux Single Cab ute tray back

Medium size cars

  • Single cab vans
  • Hyundai iLoad van
  • Ford Focus hatch
  • Hyundai i30
  • VW Golf
  • Dual cab utilities with tray back
  • Holden Cruze sedan
  • Toyota Corolla

Large Cars

  • Ford XR6 sedan
  • Holden Commodore sedan
  • Holden Commodore wagon
  • Dual cab utility with style side
  • Toyota Rav4
  • Honda CRV

Extra Large Car

  • Toyota Prado
  • Toyota Kluger
  • Pajero
  • People movers
  • Crew cab utes/vans
  • Range Rover Discovery